Playroom Rules

Playroom Rules of Respect

The Rules of Respect are noted below, and are intended to maintain a fun and social environment for all our member children. Everyone has a bad day. It’s up to the parent to decide if such behavior can be modified with close supervision, or if that child should not be in the company of others at that time. The BFC playroom opener reserves the right to ask a parent to remove a child who is compromising the playroom environment with poor behavior or language.

  • Snack time is done as a group and led only by the opener. If you would like to provide a snack at a different time, please go out to the hallway.
  • No outside snacks are to be provided at any time during BFC play hours in consideration for those member children with allergies.
  • Supervise your child closely at all times.
  • Positive play first, parental socialization second.
  • Repeat poor behavior should be managed closely by the parent, and possibly result in the parent removing the child from the playroom.
  • Repeated outbursts will be addressed with the parent by the opener. Please respect that the opener is trying to maintain a good environment for all. The opener may have no other choice than to ask you to join us another day.

The BFC appreciates your consideration of these rules.