One of the most visible attractions of the BFC is its popular playroom. The BFC Playroom is located downstairs at the First Parish Church, 75 Great Road (use Elm Street entrance), Bedford, Massachusetts. It is open every weekday morning from 9:30 to 11:30 and loosely follows the Bedford public school calendar. BFC members pay $1 per child; non-members pay $3 per child per day.

The BFC playroom is a toy-filled, bright, open space offering a warm, informal atmosphere where children can play together while parents and caregivers supervise and chat. In addition to a variety of toys, books, and puzzles, the playroom offers some basic craft supplies (coloring supplies, PlayDoh), and a carpeted open floor space for imaginative play. Special craft days and other events are scheduled monthly at the playroom.

The playroom is a peanut-free space. All visitors are asked to refrain from bringing in any outside snacks due to the potential of life-threatening allergies. A child’s snack and beverage are served at 10:30 a.m.

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Volunteer to be a Playroom Opener

No need to wait until your child is in preschool: the BFC playroom is a wonderful way to meet other local moms and children your child’s age! The playroom is the BFC’s largest ongoing volunteer effort. Would you consider being a playroom opener and/or closer? Whether you commit to once a week, once a month, or just a few times throughout the year, your contribution of time and energy are greatly appreciated. The duties of a playroom opener are quite simple and are outlined below. Please let BFC Playroom Coordinator know if you would like to be an opener and what day(s) of the week you are generally available.

Our team of playroom openers is contacted by email each month with the upcoming month’s schedule. In addition, the monthly newsletter has a playroom calendar which includes the openers’ contact info in case of emergency rescheduling. On your scheduled day, please follow these steps (also posted on the BFC bulletin board in the playroom):

  1. Show up at First Parish Church (75 Great Road) at 9:20 AM (slightly before the playroom opening time) and stop at the church office (first door on the right at the top of the stairs from the Elm Street entrance) to get the money box and laminated BFC Playroom sign from the top of the large filing cabinet just inside the door.
  2. Tape the sign to the top of the banister on the down staircase so it is visible to those entering, and take the money box down to the playroom and place it on the small yellow desk just inside the playroom door.
  3. Turn on lights and retrieve the sign-in book from the BFC supply closet and place next to the money box on the desk. Make sure there’s a pen or pencil for signing in! You may also want to ensure the two other doors in the playroom are closed, to help prevent little visitors from escaping.
  4. Greet playroom visitors, ask them to sign in and deposit their fee in the money box, and answer any questions. Enjoy playing in our bright, spacious room with your child/ren.
  5. At 10:30 AM, set out a snack for all children. Paper plates/napkins/cups and snack items (Goldfish, pretzels, etc.) are located in the farthest right-hand cabinet under the counter. Juice is in the mini-fridge to the right of that cabinet.
  6. At about 11:20 AM, start picking up toys and replacing them on shelves. Encourage other child and adult playroom visitors to aid you (for the most part, they’ll start pitching in as soon as they see you start). If there are any crumbs or spills, use cleaning equipment in the BFC supply closet to tidy up.
  7. Return sign-in book to BFC supply closet, open all playroom doors, and turn out lights before leaving.
  8. Return money box and laminated sign to church office.